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Ideas Into Great

Ideas Into Great


Bigitec Studio is a young, aspiring startup with open-minded, passionate industry professionals, who have been working for years on highly acclaimed digital products and award-winning video games (under the alias Brainseed Factory).

Video Games & Apps have become an influential part of our society and daily lives - both of children and adults alike - our goal is to spread knowledge and happiness through joyful and accessible educational apps & games.

Bilal Chbib
Managing Director

Founder of award-winning game studio Brainseed Factory, launching games in close partnership with industry key players; Founder of Mobile App Studio, produced dozens of apps & games used by millions of users & gamers worldwide.

I wish to contribute to a better understanding and to change the perception of the richful Islamic culture & history by doing what I can do best - creating unique & memorable video games.


Muslim culture, lifestyle and history brought to you in best-in-class user experience by an award-winning team, determined to spread happiness and knowledge using state-of-the-art technology.

An Educational Video Game

Dive into a magical world of Islamic Sites and Rituals. Currently in demo stage, but already downloaded by more than one million happy users worldwide.

Your Daily Companion App

Quickly memorize the Noble Quran, learn the 99 Names of Allah and their meaning, access the Qibla Compass & Prayer Times and much more.

Lovely Quran Inspired Stories

Featuring interactive stories inspired by Quranic revelation, presented in a beautifully handcrafted stage play and targeting young children.

Join the Crew

Products developed by our team managed to secure industry awards and recognition, and are used & loved by millions of users worldwide! Bigitec Studio and Brainseed Factory are commited to create meaningful, enjoyable and educational experiences.

Social Media Marketing Intern  |  Remote

If you enjoy working in a young, aspiring and well-funded startup with open-minded, passionate industry veterans on highly acclaimed digital products, we are looking forward to welcome you in our office in beautiful Bonn!

Our Scholars

To ensure that our content is based on well-researched and authentic knowledge, we have a growing team of content advisors and scholars who are deeply involved in the content creation process of our products.

Dr. Michael Abdurrahman

Academic Degree

  • 6 year studies in Islamic Studies, Malayology and African Studies in Cologne with an MA Degree in Islamic Studies in Usul Al-Fiqh
  • 4 year doctoral examinations as well as further training and specialization in the areas of study family law, divorce law, marriage law and inheritance law
  • 2 years of practical education in Arabic in the Sultanate of Oman
  • Further education and work at the Foundation Ministry of Oman in the area of Fatwa Issuance, Legal Practice and Administration

Areas of Expertise

  • Islamic History
  • Principles & Rules of Islamic Jurisprudence
  • Islamic Inheritance Law

Current Job / Profession

  • Lecturer at the Islamological Institute and IRPA in Vienna / Austria on Islamic Culture & History, Islamic Economic Principles, Hadith (Prophetic Tradition) Science, Hadith Research, Quran Research, Aqida (Islamic belief system / creed), Philosophy)
  • Supervision of Bachelor Administration, Administration of Law Studies
  • Advanced training seminars on religious education practical topics, spiritual aspects, calligraphy and other art forms in Islamic religious education


  • Handbuch Islam (= Guide to Islam) - A comprehensive book on Islamic belief & jurispudence
  • Co-author of works in the Islamological Encyclopedia
PhD(c) Mohamed Farouk

Academic Degree

  • PhD Student / EHESS Paris
  • 2x Master's Degree in Social Sciences of Religion, Religious Studies and Arab and Semitic Studies
  • 3x Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy, Property Law and Islamic Studies

Areas of Expertise

  • Muslims in France
  • History of Islam
  • The Civilizational Dimension of Islamic Legislation
  • The Scientific Criteria of Islamic Personalities

Current Job / Profession

  • PhD Student / EHESS Paris
  • Journalist and Film Producer (documentaries, event coverage, podcasts)